The Terms in Toto 4D Game


The Terms in Toto 4D Game Rules

The following definitions apply to these TOTO Game Rules (General), the TOTO Game Rules (Outlet Betting), and the TOTO Game Rules (Remote Betting), unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. Learning the terms in the Toto game is very important for players, both new players and players who have played this Toto game for a long time. The reason is of course very simple, because if you memorise the terms in this game, of course it will make it easier for you to play this game and make it easier for you to win. You must grasp these Toto phrases in order to play this game, so learn them now!

Terms in Toto 4D

There are many terms in Toto 4D that you must know before playing Toto 4D. This is very important to know so that you are not confused when playing Toto 4D. Here are the terms Toto 4D that you must know!

  1. Any electronic communication system or method, including but not limited to the Internet, telephone, television, radio, or any other form of technology facilitating communication in accordance with the Account Opening and Operating Terms and Conditions, as may be amended from time to time by the Company, is referred to as a “Account Betting System” if it is used by the Company to provide the TOTO Game or by the Account Holder to play the TOTO Game on 4D Check.
  2. A Participant is referred to as a “Account Holder” when they are the confirmed owner of an account that has been granted to them for use in putting a Bet or Bets with the Company through the Account Betting System.
  3. A slip that the company supplies is referred to as a “Bet Slip.” The term “Bet Slip” refers to the slip that a Participant uses to enter information about the Bet they plan to place at the Outlet or on the betting website, which slip is provided by the Company.
  4. Participation in the TOTO Game without using a System Entry is referred to as a “Ordinary Entry.”
  5. “A “Relevant Draw” is any draw that the firm may, in its sole discretion, assign to the player at the time of wagering, regardless of the draw the player selected to enter the TOTO Game.
  6. “Remote betting” is the term used to describe placing a wager on the TOTO Game utilising the Account Betting System.
  7. The term “Stake” is the sum of money (physical or electronic) that a Participant offers for a bet at an Outlet or through the Account Betting System and that is received and accepted by the Company in connection with the Participant’s Bet
  8. “System Entry” denotes participation in the TOTO Game and entry into it in accordance with the rules outlined in Rule 5.
  9. The Group 1 reward as described in Rule 7.2 is referred to as the “Jackpot Prize,” and the Company may also use the terms “Group 1 prize,” “Jackpot amount,” or “Jackpot”
  10. “TOTO Game” refers to the game in which the player stakes money on a set of numbers in hopes that they would match up with winning numbers selected or used by the company in accordance with these TOTO Game Rules (General)
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How to use 4DCheck.com?

You just have to visit the official website and you will see a long list of numbers appear on the homepage. The information will contain the winners of the 4D games, including the 1st prize, 2nd prize, and 3rd prize. There are also special numbers and consolation.

How many kinds of 4D results are available on this site?

You will find so many results. Start with Magnum 4D, Damacai, Sports Toto, Sabah 4D, Cashsweep, Lucky Hari-hari, Grand Dragon 4D, etc.

Where is the 4DCheck team contact?

You can reach them via email that is available on the website.