How To Play Lottery 4D

How To Play Lottery 4D


How To Play Lottery 4D

How To Play Lottery 4D?

4d game online – 4-Digits or 4D is a lottery in Singapore and Malaysia. Everyone plays by choosing a number from 0000 to 9999. Then, 23 numbers will be drawn each time. If one number matches the number the player bought, then a prize will be won. Draws are made to select a winner,4D is a game of chance.

Magnum 4D is a legal company licensed by the Malaysian government to operate 4D. After that many other companies also operate 4D, therefore this game is increasingly popular in Malaysia and Singapore.

Singapore Pools is the sole company that organizes gambling games in Singapore. 4D and 6/45 lottery are two of the most popular games. 4D games are almost the same as those in Taiwan, 4D is also similar to “Pick 4” in the USA and Canada.


The 4D game is believed to have originated in Kedah in 1951, this is based on evidence from the gambling trial at the Singapore court in 1956.

A school decides to raffle bicycles by producing 100 tickets priced at $1, and each ticket has a 2-digit number. People will win a prize if their ticket matches the last two digits of the Malaysian Turf Club’s lucky draw number. This led to the emergence of the 2D lottery, which in turn resulted in the 3D and 4D games which were very popular in Singapore and Malaysia from the 1950s until now.

The Singapore Turf Club was the first to introduce 4D lottery in Singapore in May 1966, offering a first prize of S$2,000 (two thousand Singapore dollars) for a $1 ticket. And stopped offering these prizes in May 2004, when the Singapore Pools company took over the 4D draw.

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Singapore Pools introduced computerized 4D betting on 31 May 1986, and coincidentally the first prize winning number in the inaugural draw was 8838. The number 8 sounds like “fa (Chinese: 发)” which means affluent and is traditionally a favorite among the people. The public enthusiastically welcomed the new 4D product and the company’s turnover for the year increased by 215%, to S$283 million.

Typical entries refer to a specific number, for example 1234. 4D A replacement roll replaces any of the four numbers with an “R”. (i.e. R123,1R23,12R3,and 123R) where “R” denotes all the numbers from 0 to 9. For example if you mark R234, you are actually buying 10 regular Entries which are 0234,1234,2234,3234,…, 9234. System entries are bets on all possible permutations of 4D numbers, for example the number 1234 has 24 permutations (1234,2341,3412,4123,…). 4D Chek is an Entry System bet from a price of $1, regardless of the number of permutations. Quick pick is a bet on a number that will be randomized by the computer.


In Singapore, the 4-D draw is conducted every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 18:30 (SG/HKG time) at the main Singapore Pools branch at 210 Middle Road. Anyone over the age of 18 can attend the drawing process.

An independent external auditor and five sweepstakes officers were involved in the drawing process. Prior to the draw, a specially designed computer is run to randomly select which machine to use and which set of balls to use. A spare machine is also prepared.

Selected balls, numbered 0 through 9, are weighed and checked that the weight of each ball is the same or not significantly different and within acceptable variances. This is to ensure that each ball has the same chance of being drawn.

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The chosen machine, secured under lock and numbered seals in the storage room, is transferred to the drawing room, along with the balls.

The ball is put into the toss machine in front of the audience. A spectator is then invited to press the start switch on the control panel, the draw is executed. The balls in the lottery machine, consisting of four transparent tubes, spin until the balls are sucked into the tracks in each tube. The process of drawing, starting with the consolation prize, is repeated until all 23 sets of winning numbers are drawn.

In Malaysia, there are three 4D organizers – Sports Toto, Magnum 4D and Da Ma Cai. Da Ma Cai is run by Pools Malaysia Pan Sdn. Bhd. These three companies are independent private companies. These 4D operators are known as “Number Forecast Operators”.

4D Malaysia is drawn every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, the same as 4D Singapore. Occasionally, however, there are special draws on Tuesdays.

Magnum 4D offers classic 4D gameplay – players pick a 4-digit number and choose the amount they want to bet. There are “Big” and “Small” forecasts. A “Small” bet will guarantee a larger win, but the player will only win if his number appears in first, second or third place. Winnings are smaller for “Big” Bet, but in addition to first, second and third place, there are 10 “special” numbers which pay 180 Ringgit for a 1 Ringgit bet, and 10 entertainment numbers which pay 60 Ringgit for a Ringgit 1 bet. Magnum is the first legal 4D Operator to be licensed by the Government of Malaysia. In September 2009, Magnum introduced a new game which is an expansion of the 4D game but with “parimuteul” elements; This game is copyrighted by Magnum. This game is more popular than other Lotto games in Malaysia, and this year the prize for first place is 8734.

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Da Ma Cai (大马彩; literally “Pan-Malaysia Lottery” in Chinese) has 3D games as well as 4D (which they call 1+3D). Unlike 1 + 3D, 3D only has first, second and third places. Prizes significantly lower than 1 + 3D, 660 Ringgit prize for Big First Place. 1+3D follows the same structure as Magnum 4D. Da Ma Cai also has 3D and 1+3D Jackpot Games. The latest product introduced from Da Ma Cai is the Da Ma Cai Jackpot in January 2014 with a minimum payout of 1.8 million for Jackpot 1.

Sports Toto, in addition to 4D which plays the same way as Magnum and Da Ma Cai, 5D and 6D appear. Unlike 4D, 5D and 6D do not have “Big” and “Small” forecasts. The first prize for 6D is 100 thousand Ringgit and the first prize for 5D is 15 thousand Ringgit. If the 4th, 3rd, or 2nd digit of your 5D number (or the 5th, 4th, 3rd, or 2nd digit of your 6D number) matches the first prize digit, you still win the prize. Sports Toto also offers three lottery games, similar to those seen in Western countries namely Mega Toto 6/52, Power Toto 6/55 & Supreme Toto 6/58. The last number shows the highest number – Mega Toto 6/52 players must choose 6 numbers from 1 to 52. Maha Toto 6/58 has the highest prize (first prize is a minimum of more than 8.8 million Ringgit) but the chance of winning is lower than other games another game.


How to use 4DCheck.com?

You just have to visit the official website and you will see a long list of numbers appear on the homepage. The information will contain the winners of the 4D games, including the 1st prize, 2nd prize, and 3rd prize. There are also special numbers and consolation.

How many kinds of 4D results are available on this site?

You will find so many results. Start with Magnum 4D, Damacai, Sports Toto, Sabah 4D, Cashsweep, Lucky Hari-hari, Grand Dragon 4D, etc.

Where is the 4DCheck team contact?

You can reach them via email that is available on the website.